Audio Memoir

Celebrating Life's Stories

Audio Memoir - a timeless collection of stories, reminiscences and anecdotes that make a life.

Life is all about the stories we tell. The longer we live the more stories we have.  With Audio Memoir you put them together in one place – a celebration of someone’s life story.

  • Funny anecdotes
  • Cherished memories
  • Family / local history
  • Life lessons
  • Reflections to mark a significant birthday

Whatever your preferences, the result will be a long-lasting gift to be shared (via private YouTube link) with friends and family all around the world. We all know people whose stories deserve to be collected.

I will deliver professional level recordings of the guest prompted by an experienced interviewer (me!) in a tone appropriate to the conversation: gentle, humorous, understanding, engaged. I want the guest to tell their stories. My role is simply to guide the conversation, while keeping it natural and informal.

In the editing process I will clean the audio to create a professional sound, add relevant photographs and historical imagery plus any appropriate music. You will have something that not only sounds and looks great, but is unique to the guest whose life it celebrates.


Why Did I Start Audio Memoir?

I first did this with my own Mum, who was always a great talker and joke teller. 

It seemed only fitting that all her anecdotes didn’t get lost but were preserved for the future. 

She really enjoyed doing it. It genuinely was a celebration of her life and her love for life.

When family and friends listened, around her 1 year anniversary, they were delighted to hear her voice and her stories. Many recommended I should do more of this. 

Often when someone leaves us, we regret that we can no longer hear their words, funny stories, family recollections and historical anecdotes. That’s all suddenly gone.

Since we never know the future, any of us, regardless of age or health status, should consider recording ourselves by way of an Audio Memoir.

With Audio Memoir you will be creating a timeless record of you or your loved one’s voice, their spirit, their life. 

For the guest it proves to be a very meaningful experience knowing they are preserving their words, their love, with the people closest to them.

Why use Audio Memoir? Why not DIY?

Of course, simply recording stuff can be a DIY project. Anyone can hit record on their phone and get some stories recorded. Why bother with this?

The reasons for using Audio Memoir include:

1 It will happen

Many people say they will get around to it one day, but that one day never comes.

2 Genuine Conversations

We will have a genuine long form conversation in a calm, controlled environment, not a few snatched moments here and there.

3 Impartial

You will get an impartial participant with no agenda and none of the biases that life can create. Some family members may have an axe to grind or have felt hurt by events of the past. These could relate to the guest or possibly people they know will be listening and might colour the conversation.

4 Guided

You will get an experienced interviewer who can guide the conversation and get the best out of the guest whether funny stories, meaningful reflections, pearls of life wisdom or whatever the guest wishes to discuss. 

05. Free-flow Conversation

You will get an an experienced participant who can both steer and follow the conversation where it should go rather than simply asking a few standard questions (and getting a few standard answers). Having experience of these conversations means I know how to keep them on track and avoid running into problems that can often arise.  

06. Independent

You will get an independent participant who does not arrive to the conversation with any fears over certain subjects, as many family members may have with an older relative. Sometimes it is better not to be armed with a lifetime of historical knowledge. 

07. Comfortable

The guest may be more at ease taking a trip down memory lane with a participant who is neither friend nor family. This can encourage an open, honest and relaxed discussion without either participant’s mind being clouded by other concerns.

08. Participation

With Audio Memoir, loved ones can record questions or requests on their phone which are incorporated into the final product. Having many voices participate, even in a small way, can make it a much more inclusive and meaningful experience for all concerned. 

09. Shareable

You will ultimately have a shareable link to the conversation(s) that can be proudly shared with friends and family all over the world, not a few files stuck in someone’s phone that may never see the light of day.

10. Professional End-product

The end product will be of professional level quality that befits the esteem in which the guest is held by loved ones. I understand that what I am creating is very important to the people involved. I therefore strive to create something that everyone will enjoy and cherish for many years to come. 

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