Audio Memoir


US$ 1,000

  • OR


US$ 1,800

3 x 20 minute audio episodes with up to 3 pictures per episode

US$ 2,200

5 x 20 minute video episodes

US$ 2,500

5 x 20 minute audio episodes with unlimited pictures

Sample Snippets


Terms and Conditions

The guest has the right to determine the release date (provision of links). Some guests may be happy to release the recordings as soon as possible. Others may prefer to specify a time in the future. 

Please do your best regarding the audio/video equipment used and the treatment of the environment to create the best audio/visual result possible. The audio quality will depend to a large extent on the environment created and equipment used at the guest’s end. I cannot control the audio quality from the guest’s end. I may be able to make some limited improvements but certain noises cannot be removed.

Payment is due upon completion of the first recording. Payment details will be provided at that time. 

All parties acknowledge that the subject matter the guest wishes to discuss may include some information not previously known to all listeners. This is not the responsibility of Gavin Macaulay who will not be liable for any consequences arising therefrom.

This is a private service where the non-public link is provided to the Co-ordinator. All parties expressly agree this is not to be considered publication by Gavin Macaulay. Subsequent sharing of the link by other parties and any consequences arising therefrom are not the responsibility of Gavin Macaulay.

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