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About Us

This says About Us, but it is really about me, Gavin Macaulay.

I stumbled upon podcasting as a hobby in 2020 simply because I wished there was a podcast discussing the ins and outs of copytrading on eToro. There wasn’t and they say write the book you want to read, so I started making the podcast I would want to listen to, Copytraders Club. I interviewed dozens of investors, copytraders and eToro staff. Obviously this is very different content and tone to Audio Memoir but it started my interest in recording conversations.

When my mum was diagnosed with terminal cancer, I moved home for a few months bringing my recording equipment with me. So it seemed natural and a good idea to take some time to record some chats with my ever-talkative and entertaining mother. I was thinking that it would be great for the grandchildren to have this permanent record of their wonderful granny, somewhere they could always hear her voice and words of encouragement.

However, it turned out to be a wonderful treat for such a broad range of people. Through-out the extended family and among the many friends she made in her life, those recordings spread so much joy. For those struggling with her passing, it was an uplifting experience and one that helped the sun to shine in on the part of us that falls dark when a loved one is no longer among us.

I could not have imagined such a positive response from those who listened. Many encouraged me to continue making these recordings with others, to do it professionally. Not only because it suited my talents, but it was a pursuit that would spread great joy. What better encouragement could there be?

And so I tentatively began ‘Audio Memoir’. Why the name? Well it can be difficult to describe this undertaking. Audio Memoir does the job quite well. Instead of writing their memoirs, the guest simply has a chat and it is preserved in the form of an audio recording.

We all have our favourite stories and it gives the guest the chance to create an archive of these in their own words, an archive that can be enjoyed by many for years to come. Guests often view it as a chance to pass on some wisdom or life lessons to younger loved ones.

When people finally hear the recording they will be thankful and confirm that YOU have created a wonderful and precious gift.

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